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An island to be discovered

With Compagnie Océane, the shipping line for the islands off the coast of Morbihan, set sail for Hoëdic island, a little paradise of peace and tranquillity less than an hour off the coast of Quiberon! Every day of the year, as a family, travelling solo or with friends, set sail on board our boats and let yourself be won over by the charm and gentle way of life of this authentic and endearing island.

Discover Hoëdic island

A stone's throw from Houat, Hoëdic island spreads its wings fringed with white sand like a butterfly that has come to rest on the ocean.


Hoëdic island is a relatively low and flat plateau: its maximum altitude reaches 22 metres. Its modest size (it has a surface area of 2 km2  and is 2.5 km at its longest) will immediately give you a quite unique feeling of being on an island. You can see the sea from almost every point on the island!

Arrival in Port-d’Argol

After crossing from Quiberon via Houat, once you have gone through the Passage des sœurs, you will come alongside Port-d'Argol, a charming little port that is home to half a dozen fishing boats. Walking up the sandy "avenue", the village welcomes you in simple style. A few houses are arranged around the town hall, vicarage, post office and school. Further along, the church, under its overturned ship's hull, displays marine ex votos, faithful reproductions of traditional schooners and tuna boats.

Go to Hoëdic all year round

Hoëdic island is worth discovering and rediscovering in every season. In spring and summer, you will discover an array of rare and intoxicating scents and colours along 8 km of coasts and beaches. You will find yourself at the heart of a large garden bounded only by the blue of the ocean. As well as going for a stroll, be sure not to miss taking an invigorating dip in turquoise-coloured water.    In autumn, the inland open moor sprinkled here and there with marshes and lakes is adorned in golden hues. At a time when summer holidaymakers have returned to the city, being able to enjoy still-mild temperatures and sometimes deserted beaches is a real pleasure! But it's in winter that the island's motto – "Against winds and tides" – really comes into its own. When the wind blows and the sea is nothing but a furious white swirl, that's when Hoëdic appears. For the brave who dare to venture forth across this spray-swept landscape, wild untouched nature leaps out at you. Incredible!

Balade a hoëdic

A tour of Hoëdic island

Going along the coast towards the west via the sheltered little beaches of Port de l'Eglise, you reach Pointe du Vieux Château, the island's rocky tip ending in an ellipsis in the sea. From this spot, we can see Houat island and, more to the west, the large Belle-Ile-en-Mer. The coastal path along the island's south coast lets you admire the secret little beaches, a really charming spot where pleasure boats often drop anchor.  At low tide, you will perhaps be able to watch ruddy turnstones looking for food among the algae and rocks. Passing Calvaire de Port-Blanc then Pointe de Casperaquiz, admire the Port de la Croix dune, with its beach grasses (marram grass), French pinks and wild sea lilies, and Paluden marsh.  

The landscape of Hoëdic is scattered with the vestiges of human history, such as the menhir of the Virgin Mary or Hoëdic fort in the Vauban style, built in 1853 to defend the coasts from English raids. You will be able to see this fort when you reach Pointe de Beg Lagad, to the north-west. Then it's back to Port-d’Argol. But don't leave the island without spending time in the village soaking up the warm, relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Hoëdic and a gentle way of life

The Hoëdic residents' joie de vivre is contagious. The entire island welcomes you for unforgettable walks in a landscape of unbroken silence. What tranquillity! For there are no cars here! Between the island's very mild climate, its rich vegetation and the calm of the setting, you will feel like you are spending a holiday or a day outside of time. It is not always necessary to go to the ends of the earth for a complete change of scenery! And Hoëdic is so appealing...

A few tips: - The sun can sometimes be strong and the island has few shady areas. It is therefore important to come prepared: hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. - Bring good shoes for walking, as there are no cars. All the same, hiking boots are not essential! They are too heavy and even represent a danger for the flora and dunes. Don't forget! - Also remember to bring cash if need be, because there is no cash dispenser on the island!

Did you know? Houat and Hoëdic have not always been islands. They were once attached to the Quiberon peninsula. Nowadays, 15 km separate them from the continent!

People come to Hoëdic to find those simple and generous riches that make you feel at ease in the exceptional untouched nature and the warm and friendly welcome of Hoëdic's residents... With Compagnie Océane, set off every day of the year to this irresistibly charming haven of peace.



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Getting to and parking in Quiberon

Boarding for Belle-Ile-en-Mer and Houat and Hoëdic islands takes place at Port Maria ferry terminal in Quiberon.

takes place 45 minutes before the boat's scheduled departure for vehicles and 20 minutes beforehand for passengers.

To ensure that your journey runs smoothly, we recommend that you plan to arrive in Quiberon at least one hour before the departure time of the boat you are boarding.  


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