Houat island

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Houat, an island reminiscent of paradise

With Compagnie Océane, the shipping line for the islands off the coast of Morbihan, set sail for Houat island, a little island full of character off the coast of Quiberon! Every day of the year, as a family, with friends, as a couple, or on your own, set sail on board our boats to discover this fishermen's island reminiscent of paradise.

Discover Houat island 

14 km off the coast of Quiberon, separated from its little sister Hoëdic by 8 km of blue swells, Houat island rises up with its granite cliffs surrounded by crystalline water. Measuring just 4 km long and 1 km wide, the island may be explored by bike or foot, following the coastal path. Houat island is a real haven of peace: there are no cars here!


Welcome to Port-Saint-Gildas!

After your crossing from Quiberon, welcome to Port-Saint-Gildas! You will be greeted there by some thirty brightly coloured fishing boats and a multitude of traps piled up along the slope towards the charming village of Houat. Small-scale fishing still represents the island's main activity today. You can also take advantage of your stay to savour Houat's famous seafood: lobsters, crabs, spider crabs, etc.

Houat island, a picturesque island

Everything here is authentic and picturesque: the typical Breton seaside village presents its little white houses with blue shutters, its mid 18th-century church and its superb hollyhocks in season. Almost 250 people live on Houat all year round. Passing in front of the town hall, you can reach Tal er Han beach where the view will leave you speechless.

The south and west coast

These stretches of sand give way to a wild, jagged, more rugged coast, especially to the south and west, due to the unending assaults of the ocean. Minuscule coves such as Porzh Plouz and Porzh Chudell nestle in crevasses of the rock whose defences rise up sometimes twenty metres above the sea. To the west, Trea'ch ar Beriguet enjoys a stunning view over the rocks on Cenis and Guric islands.

Houat island's village, charm and serenity

The north tip

While Pointe de Beg-Er-Vilaine to the north offers a magnificent vista over Quiberon Bay and the island's northern coastline. Return to Port-Saint Gildas.

The calm and serenity of Houat island

Apart from the idyllic beauty of the landscapes, visitors from the continent are struck by the calm that reigns on the island, for there are no cars here! The feeling of being far away from it all is really striking. So, if the urge takes you, feel free to continue the adventure by discovering Hoëdic island, Houat's little sister that is just as charming.

With its granite cliffs, fine sandy beaches, fisherman's houses and typical little port, Houat island concentrates the essence of Southern Brittany! You won't easily forget your time on this authentic, preserved island, a destination full of charm and character.


A few tips:

- The sun can sometimes be strong and the island has few shady areas. It is therefore important to come prepared: hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. You will be able to find a shady corner in the vale with picnic tables. - Bring good shoes for walking, as there are no cars. All the same, hiking boots are not essential! They are too heavy and even represent a danger for the flora and dunes. Don't forget!

Places to visit: the Eclosarium Museum

Visit this museum to gain a better understanding of the history of the island and its inhabitants. You will also discover the diversity of the microscopic marine world and micro-algae culture. (The Eclosarium is open from late April to late September. Information on 02 97 52 38 38 or eclosarium.houat@yrnet.com)

Did you know? Houat means "duck" in Breton and Hoëdic means "duckling"...



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2 round trips a day in the off season.

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Getting to and parking

Boarding for Houat and Hoëdic islands takes place at Port Maria ferry terminal in Quiberon.

Boarding takes place 20 minutes before the boat's scheduled departure for passengers. 

To ensure that your journey runs smoothly, we recommend that you plan to arrive in Quiberon at least one hour before the departure time of the boat you are boarding. 


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