Groix island

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Groix island, the garnet island.

With Compagnie Océane, the shipping line for the islands off the coast of Morbihan, set sail for Groix island, known as garnet island! With crossings every day of the year, set off to meet the residents and their authentic island with a wild beauty.

Discover Groix island 

Located just three nautical miles (5 km) off the coast of Lorient, measuring 8 km long and 3 km wide, Groix island nonetheless remains a destination that will take you away from it all.

Crossing the harbour and arriving in Port-Tudy

The cruise begins by crossing Lorient harbour, allowing you to admire Port-Louis citadel on your left, a valiant sentry protecting the town, and on your right, the seaside resort of Larmor-Place and its sumptuous late 19th-century villas. Then, leaving the channel, a gust of fresh air signals that we have left the harbour and reached the Atlantic Ocean. Groix island can already be seen in the distance.  After a 45-minute crossing on board our boats, you are invited to disembark in Port-Tudy, which was long France's leading tuna port and today is a highly prized marina. In this typically Breton little port surrounded by colourful houses and little shops, the island's inhabitants busy themselves, while fishing boats and pleasure yachts pass each other in front of the pontoons.

Pointe des Chats

Groix island, remarkable natural riches 

Groix island boasts a charming wild beauty and authenticity. This large plateau 40 to 50 metres high, carved with numerous valleys or edged with sheer cliffs, is turned towards both the coastline to the north and the ocean to the south.

Groix's mineral riches 

People come to Groix from the four corners of the globe to take lessons in mineralogy: the island is home to distinctive geological features of such interest that a nature reserve has been created on the island's East and South coasts (Pointe de Pen Men / Beg Melen and Pointe des Chats). Some sixty mineral species have been listed there, including the famous garnet, which gives the sand of certain beaches an astonishing red colour (Red Sand Beach), and blue glaucophane.

Groix island at your own pace

On foot or by bike (many bicycle hire shops await you on your arrival in Port-Tudy) or by car or bus, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to discovering Groix island at your own pace. A coastal hiking path allows you to do a tour of the island in two days. There are also 40 km of dedicated cycling trails.

Groix island's beaches

One of Groix's most remarkable sites is Les Grands Sables beach, located at the north-east of the island: as well as being a magnificent fine sandy beach by crystal clear water, it is one of the few convex beaches in Europe. This surprising shape is the result of the meeting between two ocean currents, one coming from the north-west and the other from the south-west. Another distinctive feature is that the sandbank moves with the tides, sometimes up to a dozen metres over the course of a year. While it is a prime spot for relaxation, swimming and water sports, it is a must-see curiosity that brings a host of scientists to see it every year. Other beaches border the island, like the little beach of Locmaria, to the south-east, and Red Sand beach at the eastern tip. At the south of the island, the wild coast, turned towards the open sea, offers wonderful vistas: not far from the charming natural port of Saint-Nicolas, you will shiver at the sight of the Trou de l’Enfer, an impressive recess cut into the cliff. This rare and remarkable natural heritage is supplemented with equally rich and original maritime flora and fauna (gorse heaths and vagabond heather, colonies of nesting marine birds).

The beaches: Nota bene: Locmaria, Port Mélite and Les Grands Sables beaches are supervised from 1 July to 31 August every afternoon from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Groix island, an authentic heritage 

As you travel around the interior of the island, you discover verdant valleys that are home to a rich cultural and historical heritage.

Groix's historical heritage

Fountains, washhouses and megalithic sites evoke numerous ancient folk beliefs and legends. The villages and hamlets present picturesque narrow streets and a well-conserved traditional habitat. You will be able to discover many fisherman's houses with white or brightly coloured facades. Kerlard house, a traditional fisherman/farmer's house from the early 19th century, can be visited in July and August.

The island's memory

As a souvenir of the memory of the prosperous time when Groix island was the leading albacore tuna (white tuna) fishing port in France, the inhabitants of Groix have adorned their church steeple with a tuna! When going up towards the village from Port-Tudy, you will also be able to admire the beautiful ship-owner's houses that still remain from this prosperous period. Also worth a visit: the island's eco-museum (located in Port-Tudy and open from April to November) and Pen-Men residential lighthouse, at the north-west of the island.


The island's human riches 

The island may be a treasure, but its 2,360 inhabitants have no hesitation in sharing it generously. For Groix island has successfully retained the warmth and simplicity of the big-hearted sailors from the time when fishermen fished for tuna. Don't hesitate to ask your way if need be; people will be only too happy to help!

Over time, Groix island has managed to keep its authenticity. Proud, wild and dignified, it will offer you a warm and simple welcome. Every day of the year, Compagnie Océane transports you to this real treasure of unspoilt nature that its inhabitants love to share.


Port Mélite beach, Groix island


With Compagnie Océane, the shipping line for the islands off the coast of Morbihan, set sail for Groix island, known as garnet island! With crossings every day of the year, set off to meet the residents of Groix and their authentic island with a wild beauty.


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Getting to and parking

Boarding for Groix island takes place at Lorient ferry terminal, rue Gilles Gahinet.

Boarding takes place 45 minutes before the boat's scheduled departure for vehicles and 20 minutes beforehand for passengers. To ensure that your journey runs smoothly, we recommend that you plan to arrive in Lorient one hour before the departure time of the boat you are boarding.

Please note that Compagnie Océane shall not be held responsible in the event that a passenger is late for boarding due to difficulties getting to the terminal or parking.


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